Top talent, seeking discretion and discernment, often try to resolve personal issues alone. This costs time, focus, energy. All leading organizations maximize ROI in talent by providing expert support to enable their success. Quest is one such support. Our elite team sources and facilitates best-of-best solutions to personal issues so leaders remain productive and reassured.


High-performing employees with 15 years tenure are 20% more effective as a resource for other employees and 21% more likely to develop new products, approaches and services. By contrast, short- or long-term loss of key people creates instability, measured by reduced client access to service, reduced quality of service, and impaired teamwork. We help decreases absenteeism.


The epidemiology of a toxic workplace shows personal stressors of even just one high-level employee can destroy a culture of civility. Employees in toxic cultures are disinclined to work and on average 38 % report intentionally decreasing quality of their work. Without access to problem-solving for personal issues, distressed leaders lessen morale, productivity, retention.


High-achievers can mask personal issues to appear productive, but behavioural science finds engagement cannot be faked. Engaged employees are an energy source; they move the bar higher, enable pivoting, motivate others. When alleviated of the burden of coping with mental and physical health issues, top performers are more present at work and show a 40% higher engagement rate.


To innovate, leaders require strong intellectual and creative stamina, superior problem-solving skills, curiosity and optimism.  These qualities are only sustained with a healthful state-of-mind. We help high-achievers mitigate burn-out and other personal disruptors to perform at optimum levels for breakthrough thinking and performance.


Where behaviour of senior employees does not foster trust, constructive debate and feedback, collaboration fails. Leading by example is listed as the most critical of the 12 habits for highly collaborative organizations. We connect leaders with advanced methods to identify and overcome risk factors that inhibit leadership in a collaborative culture.


Workaholism and high performance aren’t the same. High performers work in sustainable ways, with appropriate perspective and prioritizing. Workaholics trigger anxiety and instability among others due to unrelenting demands. Studies show 58% of Canadian employees feel overburdened. We assist leaders regain and sustain the balance critical to their health and workplace.


Behavioural science shows leaders must fully understand their own action logic to be effective change agents at work. We design immersive therapeutic experiences that result in improved self-awareness, renewed energy and purpose, and transformative leadership. Such experiences are personalized to a leader’s interests and needs.


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Quest Everyday provides a unique and trusted advisory service for the employees of our corporate clients. Quest Everyday is powered by Rupert Case Management Inc., an established advocacy and healthcare advisory firm. Quest Everyday’s founder is Raymond Rupert, MD, MBA. Quest Everyday is renowned as a leader in anticipating and meeting the healthcare advisory and case management needs of the employees of RCM’s corporate clients.

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